7 Expat Friendly Foods that Reduce the Risk of Cancer

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7 Foods That Reduce the Risk of Cancer

To reduce the risk of cancer should be a goal we all incorporate into our daily lives. Cancer affects us all in one form or another, so we know the misery it causes.  Bangkok traffic pollutes my body every day. Consequently, it is a reminder that I need to counteract this damage in any way I can.

reduce the risk of cancer by avoiding fried snacks
Snacks such as crisps (chips) contain a dangerous chemical known as acrylamide. It increases the risk of cancer.

Change in diets and lack of exercise have contributed to the rise of cancers over time; Hence The IARC (international agency for research on cancer) predicts that cancer diagnosis will reach 21 million by the year 2030. 13 million of these will result in death.

Luckily, research has found that some food has the natural ability to fight and also reduce the risk cancer developing.  Below are 7 foods that help reduce the risk of cancer.


1.Red Grapes

reduce the risk of cancer: eat red grapes
Red Grapes contain antioxidants as well as vitamins C and K

A powerful compound has been found in the skin and juice of red grapes. The NCBI studies have shown that these helps reduce the risk of cancer by limiting the growth of the cancer cells. Moreover, Red grapes are rich in Vitamin C and decrease the risk of cancer of the colon and breast.  

Although they can be a little bit expensive in Bangkok, I still treat myself occasionally.



2.Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes according to research, are one of the best sources of beta-carotene. They help to interfere with the enlargement tumour cells. Any One sized sweet potato contains 12mg of beta carotene. Due to this, eating lots of beta carotene reduces breast cancer by up to 40%. Carrots and Pak Choi are also high in beta-carotene.

Sweet Potatoes or alternatively Taros are readily available to buy street markets and local supermarkets.

3.Cruciferous Vegetables

Reduce the risk of cancer: eat Cruciferous Vegetables
Luckily, Thailand has a whole range of these vegetables in fresh markets all over. Amazingly cheap and super fresh!

Fresh vegetables with high fibre content reduce the risk of cancer in your body system. Vegetables like cabbage and cauliflower limit the risk of breast cancer. Additionally, studies show that you should always include lots of cabbage in your diet. Helping reduce the risk of colon cancers by 30%  


4.Whole Grains

  1. Rice
  2. Wheat 
  3. Barley
  4. Oatmeal

 Whole Grains are rich in fibres and also in protective antioxidants, also four reduce the risk of cancer.  A study conducted by cancer researchers found out that adequate intake of grains will reduce the risk of colorectal cancers. The fibre content in grain helps speed up bowel movement while reducing contact time between carcinogens and the intestines.

5.Green Tea

Not only does Green Tea reduce the risk of cancer...it also has anti-aging and weight lost properties!

Green Tea is full of natural antioxidants and everyone should be drinking it daily. It holds back cancer growth by putting a stop to the mutations that lead to the growth of cancers. Also, Green tea can shrink tumours. Try to include 3 or 4 cups per day into your diet as it also is great for losing weight! 



Raspberries and blueberries have shown to offer significant protection against cancers. They contain an antioxidant that contains cancer-fighting elements. Furthermore, raspberries help in reduce the risk of oesophagal cancer by 50% and also colonic cancers by 70%.

Quick Tip!

Raspberries and blueberries can be expensive and hard to find in Thailand. I usually buy packs of frozen berries from Tops or Villa market. This means they keep for longer and I use a handful and mix with smoothies and breakfasts.



Jackfruit is an amazing fruit that has a wide range of health benefits. Until I did some research I had no idea, now if I see any for sale I'll pick up a bag to snack on between meals.

Jackfruit reduces the risk of colon cancer and also has other preventative qualities. Especially relevant to this post is its ability to protect cellular DNA while preventing the initial stages of cancer cell formation.

Look out for the street vendors selling jackfruit, it's cheap, sweet and good for you! 

Reduce the risk of cancer: eat jackfruit
Containing a rich source of simple sugar, it's a great to give you a burst of energy before your workout.


Final thoughts:

It doesn't have to be a lot of effort to make these changes if you are out shopping and see any of these just remember the benefits. It's something to consider when planning what you will eat for the week or if you are feeling a bit hungry during the day. 

Don't like Jackfruit? Don't buy it! It's as simple as that, but hopefully, there are at least a few things you like on the list. Best of all? The majority of these are really affordable and available fresh in the wet markets around your area.


Any tips or advice you want to add? Please comment below!

17 thoughts on “7 Expat Friendly Foods that Reduce the Risk of Cancer

    1. I think i’ll do a whole post on superfoods too, lots of research needed though. What are your ‘go to’ superfoods? Thanks for reading!

  1. Its better to prevent rather than sure. Great to read about some food that has the natural ability to fight and also reduce the risk cancer developing.

    1. Agreed, prevention is much better than cure and anything we can do (no matter how small) is worth doing right?

  2. Half of these things are my favorite like sweet potatoes, green tea, red grapes (well any 🍇) and berries. Looks like I need to get back on my workout grunge because I definitely ate like four small bags of chips today.

    1. I usually swap out chips with things like grapes and jackfruit, it gives me extra energy to workout too. Thanks for reading

  3. It is so interesting that acrylamide is in chips, we use it in the lab to make gel for analysis. I eat most of the foods that you listed but I haven’t heard of jackfruit before.

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