Beer Yoga at OMMO Studios, Bangkok [REVIEW]

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A few weeks ago I heard that there would a ‘Beer Yoga’ event in Bangkok. My first thought was that it sounded a bit stupid and that the two activities don’t mix well. After a total of 1 minute I had changed my mind, it might have sounded strange…but maybe it could be fun!

I got in contact with a friend of mine to see if she would give it a go too. I put the emphasis on the beer and she was in. Beer and Yoga? What could possibly go wrong?

What is beer yoga?

The concept of Beer Yoga originates from the hipster scene of Berlin and the trend has now begun to spread globally. The idea aims to marry the practice of yoga moves with carefully selected beers from around the world. Brew Yoga Thailand is the face of Beer Yoga and launched its fun-filled event at OMMO Studios!

beer yoga
Beer Yoga at Sunset

OMMO Studios

The event itself was held at OMMO Studios in Sathorn. OMMO is a modern compact fitness studio with a cool urban design and modern fitness equipment. We arrived as the cases of beer were being delivered…naturally, excitement ensued! Once signed in we were provided with a towel for the class. There was also a bag of goodies from healthy companies that were promoting at the event (a nice bonus!) We put these in a locker and were finally ready to get going.

beer yoga haul
Free with your ticket!

When entering the studio it was at capacity with a good balance of Thai’s and Expats, all waiting with a curiosity of what was about to happen. Separated into 3 parts, the itinerary was as follows:

1. OMMO Studios’ flagship HIIT Cycling class.
2. Beer Yoga on the roof (during sunset)
3. Networking event where you could drink beer and have some snacks.


OMMO Studios is primarily a cycling studio so my expectations for this class were quite high. The studio itself is nice and modern and has a really cool set up. They use a lot of neon lighting, UV lighting and special effects that would not look out of place in a hi-so nightclub! The bikes themselves are easy to use and have been kept in really good condition.

beer yoga cyclingThe class itself lasted around 50 minutes and was a mix of a standard spinning class with some HIIT thrown in there too. This was great for me as I felt that I was getting a good workout on my core at the same time. The music choice was awesome, blending electro, pop and some hip hop for good measure…that combined with the lighting effects really kept me pumped and the class felt energised.

A special shoutout to the instructor who was enthusiastic and led the class in English and translated into Thai afterwards…thanks!

Beer Yoga

The main event! After the cycling class, we grabbed a bottle of water and were directed to the rooftop. When we got to the top there were yoga mats ready for everyone and a bar set up next to the instructor’s platform (nice)

Beer Yoga instructors
Our Instructors

Each of us got one bottle of beer for the class (you have to pay for the 2nd beer if needed) Cue chilled music, everyone with a beer in hand…Beer Yoga started.

The yoga itself was all fairly straightforward and definitely aimed at beginners. Rather than ‘Sun Salutation’ we performed a ‘Beer Salutation’ Holding poses and then being instructed to take a sip.

Although it sounds like a gimmick, having a beer in hand had some benefits. The fear of spilling even a single drop of my precious beer encouraged me to focus and hold poses more accurately and without shaking. I’m glad I invited a friend with me as a lot of the moves required a partner (especially the all important cheers!)

beer yoga


The final 15 minutes got a bit more difficult, mainly because I had finished my bottle of beer and was onto pint glasses! But the yoga positions involved a bit more flexibility than I was able. Nevertheless, I tried and we had a few laughs in the process.

I think if you are an advanced Yogi and you are looking for a challenge, Beer Yoga is not for you. If you enjoy doing yoga but struggle to get a friend to join you…this could be what you’re looking for. Yogi or not, Beer Yoga was fun and we left promising ourselves to join the next one.

Beer Yoga

Party afterwards

Although I didn’t stay for too long after, the beers were flowing and the conversation too. OMMO Studios and Wishbeer created a really fun atmosphere I left feeling good. Next time I’ll bring a few more friends and stick around longer.

Final Thoughts

Beer Yoga is a great way to spend an afternoon with friends. You can burn your calories in the cycling studio and wind down and watch the sunset with some fun yoga an ice cold beer in hand. It’s at a beginner level so everyone is welcome. Grab a friend and give it a try!



beer yoga
Beer Yoga done…party time!

Brew Yoga Episode 2!

The next event will be held on Saturday 22 April 2017 and will be hosted at a new venue. This time at the Wishbeer Home Bar! If you are interested in joining you can buy the early bird tickets for only 590THB (yes, the price includes a beer!)

The guys at Brew Yoga TH have kindly offered a 10% discount if you book early! Use Promo code ” BeerYogaEp2 ” to get discount 100THB .

Visit Ticketmelon to purchase your ticket or for more information visit Brew Yoga TH facebook page!


beer yoga
OMMO Studios

About OMMO:

OMMO is a music driven destination that offers the latest fitness innovations based on the Tri – Concept of Ride, Strike, and Stretch, providing members a complete workout at a single destination
Classes are led by Rockstar instructors who effectively capture the collective energy of the group, leaving members feeling motivated and exhilarated, as they improve their cardio, burn calories, and tone their bodies.

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