How Strength Training Will Help You to Lose Weight Today!

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Awesome Ways to Train to Lose Weight

strength training
How to shed those calories in record time!

Strength training paints a picture of bodybuilders and heavy weights, today I'm going to paint a different picture and hopefully one that you could see yourself in.

When you make the decision to lose weight, a common piece of advice given is to jump on the treadmill. That or some other generic cardio routine. I've done this numerous time and given up out of boredom. Consequently, the monotony of this routine stops this being a long term way for me to lose weight.
Cardio training is not for me. But it does help drop some excess fat in your body and help you stay fit. While this may seem to be the most logical thing to do, there are other better ways to lose fat.

Did you know?

It might surprise you to know that one of the most effective ways to lose weight is strength training. Most people believe that the overall effect of strength training is bigger muscles. This can be the case if you eat a lot of calories on a daily basis. Combining strength training with a suitable diet helps you become leaner and stronger.

Why is strength training effective for weight loss?

You will burn more calories daily because building muscle uses more energy than fat.

While this is true to some extent, there is still some variation in its authenticity. First of all the amount of calories muscles use is not that different from fatty tissues. Secondly, when you have a limited amount of calories you can’t build muscles.


Strength training works very well because it increases your metabolic rate.

strength training
Increase your metabolic rate by lifting weights.

Within 24 to 48 hours after your training, your body will make use of more calories. This is because of the higher metabolic rate initiated by an increase in muscles. In estimation, a number of calories used are often between 100 – 300 daily

How to train:

The most efficient way to lose weight whilst strength training as follows:

  1. Perform 8-12 repetitions (a.k.a reps)
  2. Use a weight that wears you out completely.

If you opt to go for the opposite, you will not be able to achieve your desired result with the training. This applies to both men and women. Many women fear this method will make them muscular and look more masculine. Yet, due to differences in the production of the hormones in the male and female body, this is just a mere fallacy.


Burn calories all day long!

Using higher weights is important to increase your resting metabolic rate. 75% of the calories burned in a day are from keeping your body running, the rest is from exercise and daily movement.

So remember, lifting higher weights will burn more calories all day long!

Combine With Cardio

The second part of your training should consist of cardiovascular training. Contrary to belief, doing this at a very low pace for a very long time will not give you efficient results.
Cardio training for an extended period of time but at a slower pace uses lots of energy. But, the amount of calories burned during this time is quite low. As I mentioned earlier, this is the part of the training I find I want to burn as much as possible in a short time.

strength trainingLet's break it down:

  • You are performing low-intensity cardio and burning 300 calories per hour. About 50% of that number comes from fats, it invariably implies that you use 150 calories from fat.
  •  You are performing high-intensity cardio and burning 600 calories per hour. This time, only 40% of the energy comes from fat, and this means you will have to use 240 calories from fat.


See the benefit?

In addition
, higher intensity cardio you will also burn calories after your exercise. This increased calorie loss is similar to that observed after strength training. I am not saying that training for longer periods is not good for you. But wanting to point out that it is not the most effective way of burning fat.

What is the best training routine?

This depends on you and how often you can commit to training per week. 

  • Twice a week: I recommended that you start with strength training. Follow this with a short period of 15 – 20 minutes of high cardiovascular training.
  • Three times a week: You can follow the same as above with an extra day. Alternatively, dedicate two days to strength training and one day to cardio. For your cardio day, train at a high intensity for about 40 to 50 minutes.
  • Four times a week: I suggest strength training three times and give one day to 40 to 50 minutes cardio
    strength training
    Combine strength training with cardio,


Not hard enough?

Additionally, choose to end one or some of those weight training days with a high-intensity cycle for 20 to 30 minutes.

Final thoughts

Strength training finds a perfect balance of losing weight and toning up. It's also a great way for anyone intimidated by free weights to ease themselves in.
I still find the cardio side boring! But now I do it at a higher ends sooner. If you have a gym membership I would highly recommend joining a class on a cardio day. Not only is it high intensity but you push yourself harder and it can be tonnes of fun!
Look out in the future for strength training workout plans. In the meantime, if you have any thoughts please comment below!

29 thoughts on “How Strength Training Will Help You to Lose Weight Today!

  1. I love strength training. My heart rate is elevated constantly throughout a 30-minute workout. It has helped keep in shape since I feel like I sit at the computer most days! Thanks for the post.

  2. Really nice post! I think a lot of people associate cardio with weight loss, and that is really not the case. Thanks for putting this together, hopefully it gets more people into strength training.

    1. Glad to help Armida, there will be a follow-up post about strength training next week…don’t forget to come back to check it out! Or subscribe and get it direct to your inbox.

      Thanks for reading Armida

  3. Everyone keeps telling me this too, to move onto weight lifting at the gym for fat burning, but I’m just so used to cardio and never really know what I’m doing with anything else. This did convince me alot more, magbe eventually i’ll actually give it a go!

    1. Thanks for reading! Walking, running and meditating are also important so keep them in your routine too. I try to meditate before I sleep, it helps be drift off faster.

  4. Yes agreed. Cardio isn’t for me either. I did body weight exercises every day for 10 months last year and although the change was slow I really saw a difference in energy levels, flexibility and toning.

  5. THANKS FOR THIS POST! I’ve incorporated some of it when I was still working out, so I know your tips work!

    This is honestly better than the ones I’ve read on those big bodybuilding / workout focused websites! Looking forward for more 🙂

  6. Good info! I strength train and do cardio 4-5 times per week. Strength training helps so much with cardio, and even if you don’t see results right away, you can feel them… everything starts to get a little but easier. I’m glad you’re spreading the word about strength training!

    1. Thanks for reading McKayla! My personal trainer put me on a Strength Training programme and I could feel the difference over time..after I saw the benefit I had to share!

  7. This is so interesting, I’m so glad I read this! I thought cardio was better for burning fat and toning… so really I should be lifting weights!!! The thing is though, I’ve never done it before and don’t want to pay for a gym membership. I have a pair of 5kg weights and my roommate has a bar with weights like in your picture… like what would you recommend for beginners?

    1. Hey Chloe, thanks for reading and taking time out of your day to leave a comment. I understand your dilemma and I would suggest that you try some body weight exercises at home, you could even implement the 5kg weights if you want to push yourself that little bit further. There are lots of strength training exercises you can do with only your body weight, to begin with. If you want to try the gym, why not get a trial pass?

      If you check back next week I’m actually publishing a post about bodyweight exercises you can do at home. I hope it helps! Don’t forget you can get it directly to your inbox by subscribing to the email list.

  8. I’ve been getting bored with my current workout of mainly cardio so these are some great tips. I’m definitiely going to add in more strength traininig to my workrourt regimen.

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